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Porque mudarse en mucho más que logística.
Le acompañamos durante su mudanza, desde y hacia cualquier parte del mundo.
35 años de experiencia y certificaciones internacionales nos respaldan.

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Le acompañamos durante su mudanza con el servicio garantizado, sin importar ubicación o destino. 35 años de experiencia y certificaciones Internacionales nos respaldan.

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The main purpose of this removal federation is to maintain an optimum standard of quality through the FAIM Quality Control programme.

This association represents international removal companies from Latin America and Caribbean.
FIDI conducts audits on its members and issues certification.

This is a network of the best international removal companies, which share the same quality control standards.

The worldwide association of removal companies.

This is a worldwide programme established in 1964 for professional relocations from one country to another.
Leaders in global trends and best practices for the removal industry. Made up of more than 12 thousand professionals expert in helping corporate talent to move and relocate.

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Moving Tips

Make sure you fill out all requirements needed and have all the documents required for the process of export and import of your belongings.

Remember to contact Intermud’s Team for information regarding the estimated time of arrival of your belongings to its country of destination.

Investigate, verify and learn about the new place you are going to live in.

Make sure to take the time to learn and read what is available to you, using the best of it!

Your moving to-do list, some of the important things you have to organized before your move starts

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