Elimina el estrés de mudarte

Moving Tips


  1. Before leaving origin country, make sure all of your immigration documents are legalized as required in the destination country.
  2. Cancel your bank accounts at origin country and notify government agencies of your departure.
  3. Open up new accounts at destination country and notify government agencies of your new address.
  4. Check the national law at destination; ask about wills, investments, medical insurance, taxes, infractions, traffic, etc.
  5. Get your driving license and your vehicle registered in destination country.
  6. Locate and gather the information of the embassy or consulate of your country of origin at destination.
  7. Contact your insurance company and have the telephone number with you for any emergency or information you wish to collect

Make a Plan!

Take into account the following information, provided by Intermud’s Team:

  • Requirements of the country for the entry / exit of household goods
  • Maritime itinerary and route (approximate date of departure and arrival of the ship)
  • Transit time (time frame that your belonging will take to arrive at the country of destination)
  • Destination agent must authorize the dispatch of the shipment of your household goods by giving green light, prior to departure from the country of origin

Remember to ask the following to your moving agent:

  • Number of free days per container delayed
  • Number of free days of storage in port*
  • Cost of container per delayed day
  • Cost of container per delayed day
  • Cost of storage in port per day
  • Days required for Customs Clearance process in destination country
  • Time required for tax exemption in destination country
  • Inspection process in port


  • *The free days of storage in port starts from the arrival of your container at port, no matter the day of arrival.
  • Guatemalan Customs works during business hours and only during business days.
  • When the container arrives at the destination port, Guatemalan Customs gives the shipping company in charge the information of the container entering to the country. The shipping company gives us the information which takes 2 or 3 days and then we start the process of customs clearance.

Additional charges to consider:

  • Use of stands
  • Panel use
  • Container delayed
  • Port storage
  • Preparation of a second import policy
  • Handling of heavy packages
  • Piano handling
  • Handling at fiscal warehouse
  • Transport stay
  • Security deposit.
  • Weekend and holidays.


  • Gather information about the weather, typical foods, holidays, language and tourist places to visit.
  • Identify basic services such as clinics, hospitals, fire and police departments, etc.
  • Locate the nearest shopping center, banks, restaurants, churches, etc.
  • Obtain services such as: electricity, gas or fuel, telephone, gardening, newspapers, water, laundry, cable / satellite TV and Internet.
  • Inform yourself about the cost of living of the new city you’ll be living in.
  • Find out which of your devices will work in the country of destination. Check the electrical compatibility of each one of your home appliances.
  • Take into account the climatic variation, for your clothes, books, family treasures, etc.
  • Make a Check List with the priorities, things that should be done. With this you will know what things to do first in order of importance.


  • If you have the opportunity, take time to get to know your new environment before moving.
  • Build a social support network, present yourself and connect with your new neighbors, colleagues, etc.
  • Get to know your new neighborhood, of your home, school, work, etc.
  • Make sure that each member of the family benefits from the decision of moving. Talk to everyone openly to know their opinions, realistic expectations, pros and cons about the moving.
  • Communicate all the information you’ve gather to your family. Watch and share photos and videos together.

Get organized

  • Get enough cash to tide you over. Cash comes in handy during your move.
  • Pack your suitcase and day of the move box with all necessary essentials to get you through the next few days in case you don’t get to unpacking right away.
  • Keep your jewelry, valuable things and important documentation in a safe place.
  • Inform yourself and dispose of any items that moving companies are not allowed to transport by law
  • Before disconnect cables and machines, check it hey need special handling.


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